Why children should read the same book Repeatedly

Repeatedly reading a book helps children memorise

Children need to memorise the basics, like colours and numbers, before they can start choosing books for themselves. Apart from books, they are exposed to books. For instance, sing-along books and stories that are narrated to them from television. Reading aloud to children helps them memorise the text and form sentences.

Reading a book makes children become familiar with the words

According to a new study from Purdue University, young children who read the same books over and over are significantly more likely to become fluent readers than those who never read the same book more than on. When children read, their brains are stimulated and they learn new words. Reading also enhances comprehension and enhances their vocabulary. Reading can also improve a child’s writing skills.

Repeatedly reading a book develops their imagination

It is no surprise that children love books. They are filled with fun, thought-provoking, and mesmerising stories. But how many of us know that reading has always been a good tool for developing their imaginative skills?

Reading improves children’s vocabulary

1. Reading improves vocabulary.

2. Reading expands and deepens children’s knowledge and vocabulary.

3. It increases children’s exposure to words that they otherwise might not have encountered.

Help children develop a love for reading

Most children love to read. However, some children do not. Lack of reading skills can impede a child’s future. Children who struggle with reading have the ability to form positive relationships and develop self-esteem. By reading, a child can access a wealth of information about the world and can boost their self-confidence.

Repeatedly reading a book can help with spelling

For learning purposes, reading is an incredibly useful practice that helps us improve spelling. Reading does not only help us improve our vocabulary, but also our spelling skills. In fact, there is a direct correlation between spelling and vocabulary. Whenever you read, you come across new words. As you practice reading, you not only improve your vocabulary, but also your spelling skills. Therefore, it is irrelevant if the word you are reading has 10, 20, or even 30 syllables.

In summary, repeated reading enhances memory. Children who read the same book several times are more likely to remember, on subsequent readings, most of the words, phrases, and ideas they learned the first time. Repeated reading is particularly helpful in children’s comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar skills, and their ability to recall details.

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